Within today’s complex healthcare climate, your organization is marketed to constantly about strategy, effectiveness, and “operational efficiencies.” Most of the time, these words are empty promises that hide high-cost services and untrained staff that creates extra headaches and lost time in your quest to find what’s going to really work for your organization.

DAVIN Healthcare Solutions doesn’t want to talk with you about cold, vague efficiencies and operations; we want to talk with you about your team. Your healthcare providers, your staffing employees, your students, whoever it is that comprises your team. We want to talk with you and them about what drives them, what moves them, and what will help get their job done in a way that is beneficial to all parties. Our goal, like yours, is always what is going to help your team run to make your end goal happen. If your end goal is patient safety and outcomes, or if your end goal is a better-educated healthcare workforce to provide better patient care. We are all on the same team in the path to those goals, and we’re here to help.

We understand your goals and needs because we’re healthcare providers, too. Our company is nurse owned an operated, and our team has years of healthcare experience under our belt. We know what makes you tick because we’re a part of the healthcare community alongside you. We wouldn’t trust an accountant to teach our nurses how to care for patients, and you shouldn’t trust the future of your organization and your patients with corporate suits and empty promises.

DAVIN is not in the business of suit-and-tie strategies filled with those empty promises. We’re in the business of people. Employees, students, community members, you, and me. We want to make your hospital run efficiently so your patients are taken care of. We want to help ensure your staff is educated, well-organized, and ready to work so that you can provide expert care. We want your staff to help support the goals of your organization because when we all work together, the outcomes are greater.

Let’s work together to figure out what your organization needs, and what we can collaborate on with you to get you there. Let’s get to work.


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Posted by Allison Valiquette

With previous professional experience in healthcare marketing, Allison utilizes her background in art and design to create unique and engaging marketing and visual strategies. As DAVIN's Creative Director, she implements and oversees all creative strategies for the brand across all departments. She also works closely with the software development team on system design, user experience, and client project management. When not in the office Allison enjoys perfecting her pie crust recipe, beating bad guys on her PS4, and collecting Batman comics.

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