Education Compliance Software

Our comprehensive systems for educational institutions is DAVIN EDU, a custom product built for the processes and unique needs of colleges, universities, and other education centers to manage their employees, students, and information. Our DAVIN EDU systems are built for organizations  looking to streamline their daily processes, organize and manage their students, and house sensitive student information. With DAVIN EDU, your team can focus on what matters, and leave the rest up to us.

An All-Inclusive System

Organize and place all of your healthcare staff in one convenient, secure location with our talent management systems. Our intuitive technology helps you match qualified caregivers to open positions based on skills, job requirements, and assignment terms. Place only the most skilled, educated, and experienced caregivers into needs at your facility. Collect compliance documentation prior to placement, sign all contract documents in the system, and monitor scheduling and payroll for each assignment.


No spreadsheets, paper files, or other means of inefficient organization. Access all caregivers and job orders in one web-based location, updated in real time as needs are created and filled by your team. 

Capture the open and filled job orders for any position and any job type. From contract assignments to per diem shifts, our scheduling process is easy to use and well-organized so you can have the complete overview of your organization's staffing at all times.


Create new assignments and shifts, monitor assignments currently being works, cancel contracts or shifts, and have archival access to every assignment your organization has ever booked. Get a feel for units that are more in need, and see where you're meeting your staffing meets. Match up qualified caregivers to open needs the moment the job order comes in.


Your DAVIN system gives you a clean, organized picture of your organization's progress and true scheduling needs, right at your fingertips. 

Your DAVIN system isn't just a staffing software, like some other healthcare systems. Our systems are built for full service talent management, and that includes the recruitment process. Implement an online application and have applicants funnel right into your DAVIN system to be reviewed and approved. Have an HR system applications need to also funnel through? Caregivers applications are exportable profiles that can be easily transferred between your organization's systems. 


Tag caregivers with statuses based on their employment status from applicants to contracted staff to easily get a clear picture of the caregivers in your pipeline. Beyond staffing and scheduling, your DAVIN system is also a recruitment tool where you are able to access all the caregivers that have come through your system and continuously connect and reconnect with potential hires. 

Compliance is a critical part of any talent management system, and DAVIN goes above and beyond to give you a full service compliance experience. Modeled after Joint Commission's rigorous standards, DAVIN allows you to upload and store all caregiver documentation, records, and personnel information. Track expiration dates and missing documentation with real-time email reminders and dashboard notifications. E-sign documents, upload PDFs and images, and get a full picture of the compliance of your applicants and current staff.


Plus: Caregivers have the ability to upload documents themselves and all your team needs to do is review and verify. At DAVIN, we aim to make your lives easier with smoother, convenient processes, and our compliance solutions are a key way we work to make that happen.

Get a true picture of your organization's success with our custom reporting and metrics. Run reports on hours, compliance, and contracts. Make them complex, or minimal, and see graphs for all the data you want to view. You can save custom reports to be run regularly, or run one-off reports for quick snapshots of activity. Any activity that happens in the system can be tracked and reported on, so you get a true overview of your staffing, recruiting, compliance, and more.


As one healthcare account manager notes:

"The reporting function is amazing and can be as detailed as you need it to be.  This helps with seeing trends in staffing or helping a facility keep tabs on hours billed. It’s all at your fingertips."

System Integrations

Our systems integrate with top industry technology to make sure your process is efficient and up-to-date with the latest technology that makes your life easier. From ticketing and support systems, to payroll and invoicing, our integrations are a key part of what makes your DAVIN system work hard for you and your team.


Below is one of our featured integrations, Happyfox. A powerful tool that manages support inquiries and help tickets, Happyfox allows us to be there for your questions and feedback as you use your DAVIN system. Submit questions via our ticketing system or chat feature, and get a timely response form our dedicated support staff.


To learn more about the support options DAVIN offers, please visit our Support page.

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