Healthcare Facilities

As a healthcare facility navigating the waters of the current healthcare climate, you face numerous challenges. Staffing shortages, lack of qualified talent, and increased need for better quality patient care, are all priorities for your team. At DAVIN Healthcare solutions, we don't just help you overcome these challenges, we work with you to exceed your goals and thrive in an industry where you can be the leader in efficiency and patient care. 


Let's work together to help you meet your goals. Have a look at our service offerings below to find a solution that fits your needs. If you're ready to learn more, or are interested in getting started, contact our consulting team at the bottom of this page to kickstart your solutions.


Full Service MSP Solutions

In this era of unprecedented change in the health care sector, Davin Healthcare Solutions, Inc. possesses the experience, resources and commitment to be your trusted managed service provider (MSP) partner in the transition to value-based care.  We will work with your team to control spending on supplemental staffing, streamline efficiencies, and implement a rigorous, Joint Commission-compliant process for recruiting and credentialing nurses and allied health care professionals.  

Talent Management Systems

Our custom healthcare staffing and talent management software is the missing tool your team needs to boost your staffing and meet your goals. Our systems act as a virtual extension of your team with powerful functionality for recruiting, credentialing, scheduling, payroll, and more. Secure and web-based, our system help you get the job done.

Professional Consulting

Our multidisciplinary consulting team is committed to working with our healthcare facility partners to help them strategically manage their supplemental health care staffing needs in a cost-effective, responsible and legally compliant manner.  We work with our clients to implement best practices in nurse and allied health professional recruitment, credentialing and staffing, ensuring compliance with all Joint Commission standards.  

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