Professional Consulting

Is your institution interested in managing its supplemental health care staffing needs in-house by establishing an internal staffing agency?  Our multidisciplinary consulting team is committed to working with our health care facility partners to help them strategically manage their supplemental health care staffing needs in a cost-effective, responsible and legally compliant manner.  We work with our clients to implement best practices in nurse and allied health professional recruitment, credentialing and staffing, ensuring compliance with all Joint Commission standards.  

Management & Leadership

While each of our service offerings kicks off with an in-depth consulting session, we also offer a la carte consulting services for clients that either need guidance with a wide range of projects or are just getting started with MSP services and might not know where to start. Our consulting team works one-on-one with your management or leaderships teams to kick-start projects, create strategy plans, or organize staffing processes.

Best Practices

With a consulting team of industry experts in a wide range of disciplines, we are able to provide expert advice, best practice solutions, and formal process plans on a variety of areas. Our team can consult on strategies ranging from staffing and compliance technology, marketing plans and strategies, staffing, scheduling, contracts, and any are of your organization that needs dedicated time to refine and/or perfect.

Areas of Expertise

Employee Engagement 

From engagement to retention, your employees are your organization's greatest asset, and making sure they are engaged, satisfied, and loyal is a major component of a quality, effective team. Our consulting team works with your HR team to build strategies for retention, engagement, and beyond. Our experts in the area of HR, employee retention, and clinical all work together with your team to create goals and plans that merge proven strategies from each respective field. 

Workforce Management 

With a market overrun with options for temporary staffing solutions, the playing field can feel al bit overcrowded. At the end of the day, your biggest priority is patient safety and efficiency, and plenty of organizations make promises about efficiencies that seem out of touch. 


Our workforce consulting team bridges the gap between your needs and the marketplace and offers proven strategies and solutions to help you tackle your workforce challenges. From organizing and allocating resources to staffing, scheduling, and contract negotiations, we are experts in the complete workforce process, and are here to help.

Information Security 

With the custom systems we build for our healthcare clients, security is always a top priority. Your organization handles countless amounts of records of personal information (health or otherwise) and can't afford a security breach. Our technology consulting team has trained with industry leaders on security risks and techniques to combat these risks, all of which are implemented into our systems and our technology consulting services. Prepare for and prevent hacking attempts and keep your employee information secure with our proven strategies.


Read our special report on employee information security, authored by DAVIN VP Thomas Kernan, Esq.

Analytics & Reporting 

Solutions and strategic plans mean nothing without a foundation of metrics and reporting to track and measure successes. Through un-complicated, technology-based analytics, our team can consult on best practices for finding and measuring data such as fill rates, cost allocation, compliance percentages, and more.

Education & Mentorship 

Our Advisory Board features a lineup of healthcare providers and professionals that put education and advancing skills first. Do you know how many people in team of healthcare providers is going back to school for their advanced degrees? How many of them would be great additions to your leadership teams? Our consulting team can help bridge the gap between your employee's education and the needs of your facility to staff education providers with expert knowledge.  

Let's get started. 

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