Our Caring Culture


From the Bedside to Filling Gaps in Care

President and CEO of Davin Healthcare, David Theobald began his career as an RN 25+ years ago after a motorcycle accident almost took his life.

After experiencing the most compassionate care firsthand at the bedside, he knew nursing was his calling and enrolled in school to contribute to the healthcare industry soon after recovery.

Working as an ICU and ER RN in multiple hospitals throughout his career, Dave’s realization of the dire circumstances health care organizations faced with acute nursing shortages kept him awake at night. Patients were not receiving quality care because there was a shortage of experienced nursing and allied healthcare professionals, which left the question: what more could be done?

Dave’s unwavering dedication to the nursing and allied health community catapulted a vision of creating an organization that served both hospitals and caregivers. This included providing niche mental health benefits that alleviated nurse burnout to help retention rates, partnering with nursing programs at universities to provide the best care possible, employing internal clinical staff as leaders for the organization, and so much more.

Davin Healthcare has continued to provide innovative solutions that are clinically driven with a focus on supporting every aspect of the nursing and allied profession for over 20 years.

The People Behind the Mission

The Davin Difference

The Davin Difference is defined by the people behind the mission. Now, as the only employee-owned and nurse-founded Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the industry, Dave’s vision is as innovative and expansive as it was two decades ago and continually grows with each challenge brought to the forefront. Davin Healthcare views workforce shortages through a different lens along with understanding the complexities of healthcare and how to leverage our strategic partnership to become an extension of your organization’s workforce in care delivery to improve patient safety, outcomes, and experiences.

Partnering with Davin is a commitment to the future of healthcare.