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Nurse-Founded Employee-Owned.

Our Valued Partnership

At Davin Healthcare, our partners play an important role in staffing quality nurses and allied healthcare professionals at the bedside. Our unique approach in having employees as owners within the organization is symbolic of our commitment to providing the highest level of service in the industry. Partnering with Davin Healthcare is partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that places customer service and clinical expertise at the forefront. Join us in caring for the future of healthcare, together. 

Onboarding Process

A staffing partner shaking the hand of a Davin Healthcare team member.

  • Joint Commission Certification is required in order to pursue a partnership.
  • An onboarding call will then be scheduled with a member from each of our Clinical, Quality Assurance, Account Management, and Credentialing teams to learn more about your company and share more details on Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions.
  • Provide us with two references for our team to contact.
  • Submit required onboarding documents.
  • Review and sign contract agreements.
  • Train with our team on how to utilize our VMS web portal.

Partnership Benefits

A staffing partner connecting with the Davin team through their computer.

  • Davin Healthcare is a nurse-founded and employee-owned staffing organization.
  • Davin Healthcare is vendor-neutral and does not have any tier system meaning we have access to thousands of qualified candidates for your facility
  • We provide 24/7 support and have both Clinical and Quality Assurance teams on staff.
  • We are Joint Commission certified.
  • We feature multi-faceted Credentialing, Account Management, Information Technology, Payroll, and Finance departments with dedicated staff who excel in customer service.
  • We offer reverse invoicing and ACH payments. We promptly turn around payments to our partners.
  • We provide our staffing partners with fair contracts and pricing.
  • User-friendly VMS web portal is available to all our partners.
  • Direct access to live open needs is available and updated every ten minutes.
  • Metrics are reviewed quarterly and can be viewed in real-time.

Standards of Excellence

Working together with our partners, our goal is to provide hospitals with caregivers who will treat all patients with loving-kindness, a calm authentic presence, and respect and sensitivity for individual values, practices, and beliefs. As our partner, we would expect that you hold your caregivers to these same standards.

In partnering with Davin Healthcare, the following are some of the guidelines to which we ask our partners to adhere:

  • Maintain a 90% success rate or higher of caregivers completing contracts. Performance metrics will be monitored by our Clinical and Quality Assurance teams, and recognition will be given to our top 3 partners on a quarterly basis.
  • Follow Joint Commission standards and best practices.
  • Have personnel in place who are responsible for assuring the quality of all placements.
  • Have credentialing personnel in place to manage and collect all necessary documentation and ensure the caregiver is ready one week PRIOR to the scheduled start date and continue to keep caregivers fully compliant.
  • Screen caregivers for attendance concerns and have them acknowledge the importance of reliability and punctuality.
  • We strongly encourage our partners to have a clinical director or other appropriate personnel in place who can provide guidance to their assigned caregivers and intervene when needed to address clinical concerns and questions.