Life on the Road: RN Edition

11 Jan, 2024

Travel Nursing with an RV as a Home

Want a sneak peek into life on the road as a traveling nurse?  We talked about the good, the unexpected, and the exciting moments while RV living from Kyle, an actual traveling RN.

How long have you been RV living/travel nursing?
We (Kyle and his family) have been traveling in our RV since April 2018, and that’s the same time we started travel nursing.

What made you choose RV living? How did you decide which RV would make a great home?
A lot of different things pushed us toward RV living. We found that the stresses of work were very high for both of us. RV living allowed us to finish school and see the country.

It took us forever to find the right RV. Please make sure you see them in person before you agree to buy anything, and no matter what a dealer tells you, the prices are very negotiable.

How do you choose which RV park to stay at?
So, we do lots of research on RV parks even before we call. We check for dog parks, what the amenities are, and how expensive they are. When we make reservations, we always tell them we are nurses who have just accepted a contract in their area, and we are looking for a monthly spot (monthly spots are always much cheaper but still offer the same amenities as a daily or weekly spot) 

What Are a few tips you would suggest to another RN who was about to begin this journey (travel nursing in an RV)?
1. You don’t need everything you think you’ll need to bring with you.  Space is limited, and you can always buy things if you end up needing them.

2. Things are going to break. RV living can be expensive, especially when something goes wrong with your RV. Make sure always to buy an extended warranty because things will break.

3. There are unique gas stations meant for RV’s they are called pilot, Flying J, and Buckys, these places will save your life. You can even stay at these locations for free overnight if you have a long trip between jobs.

4. Walmart allows you to stay the night in their parking lots, and it’s always been safe for us. Always make sure to call ahead because some locations do not allow overnight parking. 

Anything you did not expect/frustrations/negatives of RV living?
Driving an RV can be challenging. Sometimes you must think about how tall your RV is because it will not fit under certain underpasses. 

What Is your favorite part of traveling? Favorite sights you have visited, significant memories?
Travel nursing has helped us meet the most amazing people, lifelong friends, and beautiful locations. New Mexico is one place that sticks out to us because there is so much to do. 

Travel nursing has opportunities for a multitude of different living experiences. Stat Staff Professionals offers contracts throughout the United States, to learn more, visit our open needs page.

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