Stat Staff Announces Partnership with Thomas Edison State University

11 Jan, 2024

Our founder and CEO, David Theobald, MS, RN, CSP, is passionate about developing the future of healthcare and that includes assisting and encouraging you, our caregivers, in furthering your education. The foundation of our mission and values lies in our commitment to education and your growth and development. We believe that higher education leads to better patient outcomes. In making education a top priority, we partner with universities that provide accredited online programs.

It is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with Thomas Edison State University.  TESU’s mission is to provide a distinctive undergraduate and graduate education for self-directed adults through flexible, high-quality collegiate learning and assessment opportunities.

Victoria McCartney, our HR Analyst, can attest to the university and the commitment they have to their mission through her husband who has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree at TESU and is currently enrolled in a graduate program at TESU:

“My husband works a full-time job and is also a father to our two boys.  TESU has given him the flexibility to add being a student to his plate.  He is able to manage his time in a way that works best for our family while still obtaining a quality education.”

Employees enrolling in the RN-BSN, RN-BSN/MSN, MSN, DNP, and Graduate Nursing Certificate programs will be offered a waived application fee as well as a discount on tuition.

To learn more about our partnership, please visit their website:

You can also visit our benefits and education pages for more information!

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