StatStaffStrong Nurses Week Spotlight: Lila Verra, R.N.

11 Jan, 2024

2020 is the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife and Stat Staff Professionals wants to honor you, our nurses, with a Nurses Week spotlight.

StatStaffStrong RN of the Week: Lila Verra, R.N.

Why did you go into nursing?
I went into nursing because I am a helper, I long to help ones who can’t do it for themselves! I knew from an early age I would be a nurse. I was raised on a farm and all the animals from my dog to the cows and pigs would have some kind of bandage on their head or paw! I love my career! I am a Nurse, meaning there is nothing else I could do, it is all that I am, it’s all I know. I spring out of bed on workdays woohoo! Let’s go help someone in need!!! -Well not always “spring” but meaning my career is fulfilling in every way! It is hard backbreaking work -mentally and emotionally! I love on my patients, HARD! I carry their pain and burdens.

What is your favorite part of the nursing profession?
My most favorite times are when a scared patient asks me to pray for/with them! It’s an indescribable feeling.
May 15, 2020 I’ll have been an RN for 35 years!!!! Go WVA!!!
My favorite part of the nursing profession is the human touch. I took an oath to be that patient’s advocate at ALL times while under my care whether awake or asleep. I’ve worked in the operating room for most of my career, I love to put patients at ease, you don’t know whether that scared person under that sheet and in a flimsy cotton, backless gown is a lawyer, maid, or bank robber! They are at their most vulnerable state, I feel it is my duty to protect them and put them at ease. 12 warm blankets?! Call a loved one? You got it! I also always take into consideration- “that’s someone’s mamma, daddy, sister, brother, auntie, child, baby … treat them like they are your very own! Whatever it takes.

What is your best piece of advice for new nurses?
On January 5. 2020 I had the privilege of pinning my “extra” daughter at her nursing ceremony at SUNY Adirondack! There was a chilling excitement in that auditorium! I was so very proud of Julia and ALL those graduates! By far a definite highlight of my career! My words of advice for new nurses is do your best! Be your best! This career will be undoubtedly the hardest job in your life but also the most fulfilling! Treat your patients as your own and LOVE HARD!

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