The Caring Gene

11 Jan, 2024

For National Nurses Week, we talked with our CEO and Founder, David Theobald, MS, RN, about what it means to him to have a Nurse-Owned and Nurse-Operated staffing organization.  He shared his thoughts on why it’s important not only to understand but to have real nurses working with him to create the best environment for nurse staffing.

“Our nursing organization began providing services in 2003 as one of the first nurse-owned and nurse-operated staffing organizations in the United States. With over 15 years’ experience in the nursing profession, I understand the implications behind providing quality patient care.

My passion derives from laying the foundation for caring for the future of nursing by providing my staff with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Not only do I want to staff the units in the immediacy, but I also want to plan for the future of nursing.

Together, we are truly caring for the future of healthcare by growing our own educated staff to maintain the highest level of quality in the staffing partnerships we provide nationwide.

We understand the impending nursing shortage because we have had experience in units that may have been short staffed, so we know how imperative it is to fill these roles — not just for the caregiver to maintain steady work, but also understanding the necessity for high-quality patient care.

We realize the positive impact a fully-staffed unit can make on patient-care, and the difference it can make with patient outcomes, nurse burnout, and retention rates.

It all comes back to the nurses.  With the clinical understanding that we have on staff, one can really connect with caregivers on a personal level to offer advice. I know what it means to work on an ER unit; I have been there first-hand. It’s not just about filling gaps in patient-care from a business perspective; we offer 24/7 clinical on-call services to support our nurses through their journey.

Our unique service model provides support to our caregivers during the entire length of their assignment. Because of my experience in the profession, I understand the importance of maintaining a good work-life balance. Our nurses and allied health employees receive an extensive list of day one benefits, along with tuition reimbursement, competitive pay, leadership opportunities, and much more.

Supporting our nurses is the first step towards ensuring that we have the highest quality caregivers that can help us in caring for the future of healthcare.”

Photo provided by Empire State College, 2017.

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