The Davin Difference

11 Jan, 2024

If you ask anyone at Davin Healthcare about the company, you’ll often hear them mention the “Davin Difference.” Consultants or partners commented on how working with us doesn’t feel like working with other companies. They talk about the culture and mindset–how the company surprises them. We just respond with that phrase… “it’s just the Davin Difference.”

But what does the “Davin Difference” mean?

The difference starts at the top, with CEO and founder, David Theobald, MS, RN. During his freshman year of college, David’s life took a sharp turn when a car broadsided his motorcycle, putting him into the hospital. During his stay, he felt the impact a nurse can make on a patient. Their care helped to ease the fear and confusion from waking in an emergency room. Their care changed his life.

The next semester, he enrolled at the St. Elizabeth’s College of Nursing where he not only studied to be a nurse but learned about Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. After graduating, David cared for patients and learned all he could about the healthcare and nursing field. During his five years on the hospital floor, he met more and more agency nurses. He talked with them and realized that he could bring his experience as a nurse and his belief in the caring philosophy to the nurse staffing field.

In 2003, he started Stat Staff Professionals, but that didn’t end his time on the frontline of healthcare. While running the business, he worked as a travel nurse for another seven years to keep up his skills, experience travel nursing, and see the challenges facing the healthcare field. He brought this experience to Stat Staff, continually refining and pushing the company to evolve and create policies that take into account what’s best for nurses, hospitals, and patients — and not solely what’s best for profits.

As Stat Staff grew, David curated a team of experienced professionals from different industries to bring a diverse set of skills to the company. He brought on nurses in key roles to ensure that those who understood the impact made the decisions. He looked for (and continues to look for) individuals who bring passion and truly care about making a change in the healthcare workforce field. David sees the company as a collaboration, allowing everyone to have a voice and never turns away an opinion, in fact, actively ensuring that everyone has a space to contribute and grow.

One innovation was the creation of an in-house credentialing software to securely store caregivers’ information. This innovation led to the creation of Davin Workforce Solutions, a software company focusing on easing the administrative burden created from the credentialing of caregivers. His choice to utilize in-house software allows changes and improvements to be made quickly, without petitioning the software company and hoping they make the adjustments. This has led the developers to continually release updates based on the needs of our clients.

But David was never one to be complacent. After working closely with school officials on numerous education boards, he saw another use for the software–helping colleges and universities credential their nursing students. David and the Davin Team closely collaborated with teachers and school administrators to create the DAVIN Clinical Placement Software. He hoped that the software would help ease the administrative burden placed on the school, creating an opportunity for the clinical placement process to run smoother.

And through all the work of Stat Staff Professionals and Davin Workforce Solutions, David’s aim has remained true–to listen to the challenges of those in the healthcare workforce field and bring them innovative solutions. David doesn’t believe in a static solution because he has seen how ever changing the healthcare workforce field is and knows that the only way you can truly effect change is to stay nimble.

This belief was never more apparent when Covid-19 hit. David worked with his executive team to implement policies to help protect and support all of his employees, whether they were the backend staff in the office or the frontline nurses and allied health professionals. It was never a question of “what are we required to do,” but a question of “what will best help our employees?” This led to implementing practices well before governments required them. This led to our executive team to hunt down PPE to send to our nurses. This led to everyone pulling together to weather the storm.

And not only did Stat Staff and Davin Workforce Solutions weather the storm, but David saw that the two companies were working towards the same goal, caring for the future of healthcare. In May 2021, we renamed the two companies under the same umbrella moniker of Davin Healthcare, in a show of the unification of their missions. Stat Staff Professionals became Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions and Davin Workforce Solutions became Davin Healthcare Software Solutions.

And with the country now opening back up, David is not complacent to just go back to the old ways. He listened to those on the frontline and saw that more needed to be done, not just to help heal from the scars of the pandemic, but to ensure that we are prepared for future challenges. A focus on mental health, remote learning opportunities, scholarships, and more robust benefits are just some of the areas David is steering the company towards as we move forward.

When it comes down to it, the Davin Difference can be summed up with one word: caring. David cares about the future of healthcare. David cares about the nurses and allied health professionals on the front lines. David cares about the hospitals we staff and the schools we support. And David’s caring and commitment to always listen to those in the field guides Davin Healthcare to never stop in its pursuit of bringing innovative, caring solutions to our employees and our clients.

When you work with Davin Healthcare, you’re working with a company that cares about you and the future of healthcare.

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