Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day!

11 Jan, 2024

In 2004, the American Heart Association launched the campaign to raise awareness of heart disease and strokes; the leading causes of death in men and women in the United States. Heart disease is preventable by exercising daily, eating a healthy diet, and visiting your health care provider to monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol, and BMI.

Every first Friday in February our nation comes together to support their loved ones who have heart disease or have died from cardiovascular disease. We unite by wearing red, making a donation, and spreading the word on social media to initiate change. You can visit the American Heart Association and the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund to donate.

Adirondack Health and Wellness provides corporate screenings to help support employees and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Visit their website for more information and to schedule your on-site visit – ADKHW

Join us tomorrow, February 1, 2019, in supporting the men, women, and children with heart disease or congenital condition. Are you wearing red? Share your pictures with us– #WearRedDay #SSPgoesRed #GoRedWearRed