Your Trusted MSP.

For over 17 years, Davin Healthcare has worked with hospitals of all sizes. From hometown hospitals to academic institutions, we've created customized MSP solutions to solve healthcare staffing challenges.

Our solutions

Dedicated Credentialing Specialist to ensure compliance for all candidates.

Joint Commission Certified organization which meets or exceeds standards for compliance and qualifications.

Customized Software and Reporting to manage credentials and compliance for all candidates.

Team of experts to collaborate with clients to provide best practices and process implementation.

Agile, adaptable organization that can customize software and solutions to meet client needs.

Dedicated Account Manager to help source and place qualified candidates.

In-house clinicians who review all candidates to provide an appropriate match.

Heavily-vetted candidates who are regularly screened for quality and compliance.

Dedicated internal Clinical & Quality Assurance Teams with 24/7 Support.

Our Committed Partnership.


Our commitment to providing ethical, caring, and innovative solutions for our clients has never wavered since our founding in 2003. We've stayed proudly independent and have a solid management team with decades of combined experience in related disciplines.

We have stood side-by-side with our clients throughout the many challenges the healthcare field has faced and have been guided by our consistent mission and values.

Innovation is our solution. Compassion is our foundation. When you partner with us, you are more than our client; you are our investment in the future of healthcare.

The Davin Difference.

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Providing the best caregivers.

Our goal in supplemental staffing is three-fold:

  • Offer you a qualified nurse, allied health professional, or interim manager who demonstrates exemplary, compassionate patient care.
  • Provide a seamless transition into your organization.
  • Create solutions and opportunities that support permanent placements.

Our caregivers undergo a careful and thorough interview, rigorous screening, and on-boarding process to ensure a good fit. Once on board, caregivers receive an in-depth orientation to Davin Healthcare, your organization, and the assigned clinical site.

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Caring for the Future of Healthcare.

A nurse caring for a young patient.

We know that caregivers who understand and apply the underlying principles of nursing theorists provide exemplary patient care and are well-positioned to become leaders in our rapidly changing healthcare system.

We adopted caring science as our nursing practice model based upon Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring. Her theory emphasizes human caring processes drawn from the art and science of nursing supported by concepts from other disciplines, including ethics, philosophy, ecology, and the study of mind-body-spirit.

To support continued professional development, we embraced Patricia Benner's Novice to Expert framework. Her model proposes that expert nurses develop skills and understanding of patient care over time through education and a multitude of experiences, in practice and in life.

We strive to find caregivers who embrace and apply these nursing theories throughout their professional practice. Nursing research establishes that advanced education, creative problem-solving, and compassionate care improve patient care experiences and health outcomes. Our goal is to care for all patients with loving-kindness, a calm, authentic presence, and respect and sensitivity for individual values, practices, and beliefs.