Working for a Nurse-Owned and Nurse-Operated Staffing Company

11 Jan, 2024

For National Nurses Week, we talked with our Clinical Review Specialist, Kristina Rolfes, BSN, RN, about what it means to her to work for a nurse-owned and nurse-operated staffing company.  Kristina opened up about her experiences with Stat Staff, not just as the Clinical Review Specialist, but from her time as a per diem RN.

“I have had the opportunity to work as a travel nurse on the hospital side for Stat Staff and now on the clinical team internally, so I can speak to the benefits from multiple perspectives.

While working in the hospital through Stat Staff, I loved having the ability to speak to an RN when I had a clinical related question or concern. Nursing is a challenging field; thus, knowing you have support from the company you work for brings a sense of peace and comfort.

Having my boss and CEO as a registered nurse helps me feel more connected to the company and valued as an employee.

I think it is essential for a company that staffs nurses and allied health professionals to have a clinical team of nurses that works internally. A staffing company can’t completely understand the needs of its healthcare staff or the expectations of the contracts they seek to fill unless they have a background in healthcare.

It is fundamental to have a clinical person or team to help counsel contracted staff when needed and for other internal departments to benefit with having a resource. I don’t think a company can fully support its staff on a comprehensive level without having one or more healthcare professionals to advocate for them.

Having a clinical team also helps to find the most qualified health care professionals and provide hospitals with the best nurses, techs, and therapists.

The impact we have as a nurse-owned and nurse-operated staffing company is one that sets us apart. We can relate to our staff on a more meaningful level and understand their perspective from a personal standpoint.

Nurses and healthcare professionals have a unique language; thus being able to share in that from the CEO to our staff adds a level of mutual respect, understanding, and personal connection. We feel we are a team rather than a hierarchy.”

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