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Working for Stat Staff: Tom’s Story

[Transcript] I think the best thing about Stat Staff is the opportunity to collaborate with so many unique talented creative individuals across departments. Every day we get a new set of challenges and opportunities. I learn something new every day. I've been a member...

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Super powering your life with lists

How to take control of your life using lists. Everyone knows that the human brain processes more information than our most advanced computers to date1. Trying to remember what you need to buy from the store, your password for your work computer, or what your patient...

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Top Five Reasons to be a Travel Nurse

There comes a time in every caregiver’s life when you have to ask yourself if you want to be a travel nurse.  Popping your safe-zone bubble may seem daunting but taking that leap could forever change your life for the better.  When you’re making your “pros and cons”...

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