Challenges During the Pandemic: Using Technology for Success

11 Jan, 2024

With the current challenges facing healthcare and the world, we want to shine a light on the students and new nurses who are coming into the field during this unprecedented time.

We hope to raise awareness of their situations and help to amplify what needs to be done to ensure that nurses feel comfortable and supported in the healthcare field.

Situations cannot change with truth. We hope their stories will resonate with you and can create change within the field of nursing.

In the third video of our series, we ask the students what technologies and support tools did they leverage to help them be successful.


I think utilizing any and all resources that the faculty from the nursing program you’re in puts out is really important again, because you’re not there in person, you’re not getting as much of that hands-on as you would be getting if we weren’t in a pandemic.

So just utilizing what they give you to help you like the tutoring session, the v-sims, the videos they put out, they record really taking advantage of those and getting as much as you can out of them. That way, you’re just that much more prepared going forward because again, it’s all about being as prepared and ready as you can to be there in person, doing the real thing, being in contact with patients.

We use ATI. It’s more of like the virtual learning, I guess you’d say, where you’re given like a simulation of like you’re the nurse entering the room and you have to like, do everything in order to get to hand hygiene and patient privacy.

Like there’s buttons for that. And then they also have dynamic quizzes that you can take to prepare for exams. So they would basically say if you want to review Chapter 30, then you could take a quiz. And then based on like the things you got wrong, they would make another quiz for you to take afterwards.

Pretty much keep going until you mastered everything.

I used to like writing things down on paper and using textbooks in person, but our worlds kind of flip. It’s just easier having electronic copies of textbooks and having your calendar always accessible to you and giving you reminders.

And that’s something that I started implementing in the pandemic because honestly, we couldn’t even get access to some of our textbooks. If we had to buy new textbooks a lot times, they were back ordered for, you know, a month of time.

So having electronic copies of those was really helpful. You know, or share a document with your professor, you know, turn in a paper online that part of it has made it a lot easier. Having Zoom and managing your time is a little bit easier.

You don’t always have to drive somewhere to do something in person, and I think we’ve taken full advantage of that, which has been nice. You know, we can just meet quick for an hour and not have to budget two hours in your time so that part of it’s been good.

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