Life as a Travel RN

11 Jan, 2024

Kaitlyn Zinni, Float Pool Travel RN, shares her experiences with travel nursing during these unprecedented times, along with some insight for nurses looking to take the leap and try traveling. Read her full interview below:  


What have you found to be the biggest challenge with being a travel RN during these trying times?  

The biggest challenge is the fear of the unknown and not knowing what you’re going to walk into. 


What has your experience been like with caring for Covid-19 patients?  

It has been eye-opening and scary at times. But the teamwork has been the glue that holds us all together and makes our job more manageable. 


Is there any advice you would give to nurses who are contemplating trying travel contracts?  

Just know that you’re needed and appreciated more than you know. 


What was your most rewarding experience as a travel nurse/what do you like best about travel nursing?  

The most rewarding experience is getting acknowledged and appreciated for doing a great job! I love getting to see and learn new things every day and meet new people/friends! 


Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with travel nursing? 

What I love most about travel nursing is getting to learn and see new things every day. I have been cross trained and exposed to so many cool new things. I have been able to assist in emergency bedside surgeries, work in a Burn ICU, assist with LVADs and heart transplant patients, just to name a few! It has boosted my resume and given me so much experience!