Local Family of Healthcare Companies Rebranding for the Future

11 Jan, 2024


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For Immediate Release: 05/17/2021

Local Family of Healthcare Companies Rebranding for the Future

 Saratoga Springs, NYSaratoga Springs healthcare workforce companies Stat Staff Professionals and Davin Workforce Solutions are changing their names and aligning their brands to focus on the future of healthcare. Coming under the umbrella moniker, Davin Healthcare, Stat Staff Professionals will now be Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions, and Davin Workforce Solutions will now be Davin Healthcare Software Solutions.

“As an organization, bringing the divisions working on the healthcare workforce shortage problem together made perfect sense,” the companies’ CEO David Theobald, MS, RN, CSP said. “Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions focuses on immediate workforce shortages while Davin Healthcare Software Solutions aims to help increase the pipeline of future nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Bringing them together under one brand helps to align our goals and solutions.

“We were originally going to align the companies last year. We thought it would be timely, with 2020 being the Year of the Nurse. But we had to pause and adapt to the different healthcare climate. The pandemic has created a huge void in workforce. Nurses and healthcare professionals are getting burned out and exhausted.”

For over 17 years Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions worked to bring staffing solutions to hospitals who face immediate shortages. Theobald saw that the company’s proprietary software, created by Davin Healthcare Software Solutions, could aid colleges and universities. This started a project that has grown into the DAVIN Clinical Placement and Tracking Software. Theobald’s goal is that the software will ease the administrative burden placed upon schools and facilitate and increase of students within the program.

Theobald hopes that the rebranding and alignment will bring focus to the need for a holistic approach to the healthcare workforce shortage. To ensure the execution of his vision, Theobald brought in SUNY Empire State College Adjunct Professor, M. Bridgette Nettleton, PhD, RN, CNE, as a consultant on the realignment.

“The demand for highly educated, qualified healthcare providers increased dramatically in response to the pandemic, but this shortage existed well before 2020 and will exist in 2021 and beyond,” Dr. Nettleton said. “While the challenges associated with the shortage can be daunting, creative solutions can be brought to bear. These solutions must be caring, innovative, and holistic in order to be successful.”

Theobald, a nurse himself, believes in taking a different approach to the healthcare workforce shortage.

“We’re only going to keep nurses and allied healthcare professionals in the profession by understanding their situation and needs. Even before it was required, we paid our nurses when they were out with Covid. We knew we had to care for them. As part of our path forward, we’re building support for both the physical and mental health of our caregivers. Through mentors, support staff, educators, and mental health professionals, we aim to ensure that caregivers in the field have an outlet and support group.”

“Our name change is symbolic of our company moving forward, looking to the future, and bringing a caring, different approach to the healthcare workforce field. We are one of the only Nurse-Owned and Nurse-Operated healthcare staffing managed service provider (MSP) and technology companies. The nursing profession is built on caring, and we will be, too.”

About Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions

Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions, Inc. is a nurse-owned and nurse-operated professional staffing organization specializing in staffing registered nurses and allied health professionals. Davin Healthcare Workforce Solutions believes that highly qualified, compassionate caregivers are the key to caring for the future of healthcare.

Find out more at: davinhealthcare.com/workforce-solutions.

About Davin Healthcare Software Solutions 

Davin Healthcare Software Solutions, Inc. is a nurse-owned and nurse-operated healthcare workforce technology company. Davin Workforce Solutions builds software to effectively manage the credentialing of students in clinical programs.

Find out more at: davinhealthcare.com/software-solutions.

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