Nurse Hero Scholarship

11 Jan, 2024

Nurse Hero Scholarship.

This year we celebrate nurses and recognize all those on the front lines every day during this global pandemic crisis.  You are all heroes; thank you!

Created in light of the unprecedented global pandemic we’re experiencing, Dignity Health Global Education, in partnership with Stat Staff Professionals, is giving away a full scholarship to their flagship online program; the DukeCE Certificate in Nurse Leadership. In addition, all applicants will receive a $500 discount and free Strength to Endure micro-course.

Developed for current or aspiring nurse leaders; the 16-week Nurse Leadership course is designed to teach nurses leadership skills through real-world projects and modern, expertly produced content alongside a small cohort of your peers.  Participants earn a certificate and digital badges from DukeCE, as well as 64 CEUs.

Although education may be difficult to consider making time for these days; this program is designed to be completed around your schedule in as little as 4 hours per week.  Upcoming start-dates include July and October.

Faith Firenze, Stat Staff’s Marketing and Public Relations Lead, shared her experience in completing a DHGE certificate program, Healthcare Marketing. 

“Taking the Healthcare Marketing course allowed me to broaden my knowledge by sharing information about the lessons learned with fellow marketers in the course. I was able to learn key strategies to make my marketing plan successful and gained new ideas about best practices in a variety of topics in the healthcare marketing field. I am truly appreciative of this course and being able to apply real world scenarios to my learnings throughout the duration will be highly beneficial for long-term success. Thank you DHGE and Pepperdine School of Business!”  

The free micro-course offered to all applicants, Strength to Endure, was designed for frontline healthcare workers in order to strengthen resilience, improve overall well-being, and navigate the incredibly challenging times at present and to come. Recognizing that the same strategies used by elite athletes to endure high-pressure moments could be leveraged by healthcare workers facing immense stress, DHGE teamed up with experts at the University of Exeter to deliver a mobile app-based learning experience and help healthcare workers develop strategies to enable them to function at their best, even under the most difficult conditions. This hour-long course is broken up into short sections so you can easily learn for a few minutes at a time. For more information on this course visit

All active Stat Staff nurses are eligible to participate in these wonderful opportunities and learning experiences. To apply you’ll need to submit a short-written entry, photo, or video showcasing “a day in the life of a nurse hero”.  Feel free to be creative or keep it real — and share what it’s like to be on the front lines every day. 

Visit to learn more about this fantastic scholarship opportunity and apply! This link also provides the terms and conditions applicable to the scholarship. Applications must be received by June 19, 2020.

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