Stat Staff Professionals 46er Educational Challenge

11 Jan, 2024

UPDATE: You can now follow David’s progress: 46er Educational Challenge Page.

We are so thankful for all the nurses and allied healthcare professionals around the country and their commitment to patient care, especially during these trying times. In honor of all nurses and allied healthcare professionals, our organization is raising money for continuing education with the 46er Peak Challenge. The 46 peaks are in the heart of the Adirondacks located in New York State. The history of the Adirondack 46ers began with a simple goal: to climb all 46 of the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. This tradition dates back to the year 1918 when brothers Robert and George Marshall, along with their friend Herbert Clark, climbed Whiteface Mountain. This was their first high peak, and from there, the trio began their journey to climb all 46.

In order to become a 46er, you can join at and pay a small fee to become a member and then start documenting your journey. Our organization will also be donating to the Adirondack Forty-Sixers, a not-for-profit organization comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to environmental protection, education for proper usage of wilderness areas, participation in New York State Department of Environmental Conservation-approved trail projects, and to the support of initiatives within the Adirondack High Peaks region by organizations with similar goals that enhance our objectives (

During my educational journey, I have faced many challenges, obstacles, and milestones that have helped me become the nurse leader I am today. With a deeper understanding of the barriers and obstacles nurses may face during their education, our organization is committed to making a positive impact. There is a great demand for RN-BSN and master’s degree in nursing programs in New York State, especially in light of recent legislation enacting the “BSN in 10” and the current and anticipated shortage of nursing faculty. Our organization has been committed to helping practicing RNs and caregivers looking to enter the profession to advance their education. This is especially important in areas of the country that are facing extreme shortages in specialties such as Nurse Midwives, Advance Practice Nurses, and Nurse Educators.

My journey to become a 46er is both symbolic and meaningful to a greater cause. Much like a long hike, one’s educational journey can be both challenging and rewarding. The climb is certainty worth the amazing view that awaits you at the top. It certainly has its moments and a great feeling of accomplishment especially, when you reach your educational goal.

Lastly, during my 46er personal challenge, our organization will be donating $1,000.00 for every peak that is accomplished. To date, I have completed 10 peaks and anticipate working through the rest of the peaks throughout 2020, raising $46,000 to donate towards both nursing and allied healthcare educational scholarships. Even with the economic downturn, our organization will continue our annual scholarship contributions and distribute them to our educational college partners and high schools in the communities we serve. Together, with many other organizations and individuals, we are caring for the future of healthcare and supporting caregivers working hard to advance their education to make a difference in healthcare.

Kind Regards,

David Theobald MS, RN
President & CEO

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